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Shave Biopsy Mole Removal

Shave Biopsy Mole Removal

A biopsy is generally used to examine a sample of tissue in order to determine the nature of the medical condition that the patient is suffering from. With mole biopsy it is basically the same procedure as some moles can be cancerous thus causing serious health issues if they are removed. During the biopsy, the physician uses an instrument that has been specially designed to determine the composition and nature of the mole before the start of other more complicated medical procedures to remove the mole or skin tag from the skin.

This device can also be used as a mole removal thus removing the mole altogether through the same process used to collect tissue samples for further examination. This type of biopsy is generally used on moles that are not positioned on the patient’s face because of the extensive scaring it may leave.

How is Shave Biopsy Performed

Shave biopsy is mainly used on moles that rise above the skin and are not located on a patient’s face or visible places. The procedure usually takes place inside a doctor’s office and it first starts with the doctor applying a local anesthetic to the skin area surrounding the mole. This medical procedures involves a small blade used by the doctor to scrape off the mole after the anesthetic kicks in. Using the small blade, the doctor will cut around the mole as well as underneath it to avoid the recurrence of the mole at a later time. The doctor usually cuts really deep and only after the mole biopsy revealed no signs of the mole being cancerous.

Normally, after this mole removal procedure, the skin is left to heal without the use of sutures or stitches of any sort. Unfortunately, this is the procedure with the highest risk of mole recurrence thus being more suitable for small external moles and not more prominent ones that penetrate underneath multiple layers of skin. Usually, both the mole and the small amount of tissue surrounding it will be examined in a laboratory after the procedure to determine the exact nature of the medical condition.

Is Shave Biopsy Safe

Seeing how shave biopsy is being performed after local anesthesia inside the safe and sterile office of a highly trained professional physicist, it would be safe to say that it is one of the safest medical procedures you could go through. It is the perfect way to remove small external moles without the risk of you inflicting harm upon yourself in an uncontrolled environment.

Healing of the wound takes less than 24 hours and as long as the treated area is constantly covered by a bandage there is virtually no risk of infection whatsoever. As far as mole removal techniques go, shave biopsy is one of the safest medical procedures that could permanently rid you of skin tags or moles. To keep matters safer however, you are advised to consult a medic before going through the mole removal procedure as some moles can be cancerous or benign thus causing serious health problems if they were to be removed.