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Removing Moles with Tea Tree Oil

Modern medicine features a variety of procedures one can undergo in order to remove moles or skin tags but most of them are invasive, expensive and painful. Thankfully, there are many alternative solutions for removing moles without spending too much money or going through painful surgery, alternative solutions which register results almost as good as the surgical procedures themselves. One of these alternatives is through a treatment of tea tree oil which is a natural mole removal by essence while holding a variety of other medicinal properties. It is a much cheaper solution than surgical procedures and a lot less painful.

Tea tree oil can be obtained from pharmacies or alternative medicine stores and is one of the easiest ways to remove moles within the comfort of your own home. It holds anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and causes virtually no side effects whatsoever should you choose to give it a try instead of going through surgery. Tea tree oil comes bottled and ready to use so all you need to apply the treatment is a q-tip or an equally usable cotton swab. First of all, you dip the q-tip into the oil before rubbing it on your mole(s). You must do this at least two times a day for for the treatment to work.

Signs of progress are to be expected after the first week but tea tree oil is known to be taking different periods of time to work on different patients so if it doesn’t immediately remove your moles you should give it more time. It is advised to cover the treated moles with a band aid throughout the treatment and expose them to as little sunlight as possible. Tea tree oil is a low-cost alternative to medical procedures while causing virtually no side effects whatsoever. It also holds a pleasant aroma, causes no scarring and it has a variety of other medical uses except acting as a mole removal as its antiseptic properties are known to be quite effective against a series of other afflictions.

Tea tree oil is a good way of removing moles in a couple of weeks without going through painful medical procedures although people with hormone-sensitive cancers or pregnant women should probably avoid using tea tree oil. It is important not to take tea tree oil internally or better yet, test it one a par of your skin 24 hours before starting the mole removal treatment as some people are known to develop allergic reactions to it. Although tea tree oil is a natural mole removal there are still allergic issues to worry about and this is where specifically formulated products such as DermaTend enter the picture. If you are looking for a more professional approach to mole removal without surgery, DermaTend is as close as you’re going to get. It incorporates safe ingredients and it guarantees the removal of skin tags or moles in less than 7 days, which is a thing no natural remedy can guarantee.