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Removing Moles with Onion Juice

The cancer fighting ability that the onion possesses has been known for many years by cancer researchers and medical professionals around the world. Along with its anti-cancer properties, the onion juice has also been known to act as a natural mole removal and it has proven to be very effective on numerous occasions. The same antioxidant properties that onion juice uses to kill weak cancer cells can be successfully used to treat skin tags under specific conditions. Onion juice represents one of the oldest anti-mole traditional alternatives to modern medical procedures which may sometimes prove to be as expensive as they are painful.

The first thing you are going to need is to acquire a strong onion from your local grocery store and depending on where you live, you might actually be able to get your hands on already extracted onion juice without having to go through the trouble of extracting it yourself. Onion juice is a natural mole removal so if you are contemplating the possibility of starting a home-made onion juice mole removal treatment, you must first slice a strong onion and blend it until a nice pasta remains. Seeing how you now have the onion juice in place, you may proceed to phase two. You take a q-tip or a cotton swab of some sort and you dip it into the onion juice. You can now use the soaked piece of cotton to rub the mole but try to keep the onion juice away from the area surrounding the mole as some people have adverse reactions to it. You must do this three times a day for as long as it takes for the natural mole removal to have effect. It usually doesn’t take more than a couple of days for the results to be observed but depending on how committed you are to the treatment, the time for the effects to be seen may vary between four days to a couple of weeks. You must remember to replenish your onion juice supply every couple of days as the onion juice loses its properties over time. It is also advised to keep the juice within a refrigerator during the treatment.

The benefits of onion juice are many as its use is not limited to mole removal treatments but a variety of many other similar conditions. The onion juice is unlikely to cause any type of scarring or infection as no actual incision is required for the treatment to be successfully applied. It is advised that the area of the skin containing the mole be exposed to sunlight as little as possible. Onion juice is a natural mole removal treatment less painful and far less expensive than a medical procedure.

Natural remedies are of course a good alternative to medical procedures but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any more conventional treatments on the market. One of these specially formulated products is DermaTend which is a mole removal cream that was proven to remove most moles it was applied on in less than seven days during clinic trials. DermaTend provides a much more professional approach to the mole problem as it requires the use of sterile needles and emery boards so that the ingredients penetrate skin tissue at a much faster pace.