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Removing Moles with Green Apples

Often known as “beauty spots” , moles are a pretty common occurrence. Even though they do not cause any physical harm, most people decide to remove them for cosmetic reasons. There are a number of ways to remove moles and even though seeing a doctor before taking any action against them is highly recommended, there is also a variety of natural remedies against moles that do not require having to ho through painful medical procedures.

Although there are a number of viable alternatives to surgical procedures when dealing with skin tags or moles, we will now try to concentrate on one of the more natural mole removal agents, a product you can surely find at your local market – Green Apples. They hold impressive curative properties and they represent a much cheaper alternative to medical procedures as extracts from green apples can remove skin tags as painless as possible.
First of all, you have to slice the apple without loosing a lot of its juices as they are the key ingredient in a lot of mole removal products on the market. After slicing the product, you take a cotton swab and rub it on the slices until its soaked. Once this is done, you take this cotton swab and you rub it on the mole in a circular way. You now have to do this at least three times a day for about three weeks. After the first week, the mole should begin to fade away slowly after each use of the cotton swab.

Green Apples extract is a natural mole removal but some moles may only get thinner without disappearing completely. There are a number of reasons why that would happen. First, it may be because you are not soaking the cotton swab enough or because you are not rubbing it as long as you should on the mole. Try to be patient at rub the extract on the mole until you do not feel the humidity of the swab anymore. Second of all, your apples may not be the right kind of apples. You do have to make sure to use green apples only, and if possible, the ones who seem to be raw. If however, the skin tag or mole refuses to disappear or if you experience any form of pain coming from the area, you might want to consider the fact that you are dealing with a cancerous mole. If this is the case, you are strongly advised to consult an doctor as some moles may be benign and they can cause physical harm to your body.

Green Apples are a much cheaper alternative to medical procedures as they remove moles without inflicting any physical pain during the treatment. You can aquire them at your local supermarket most times of the year, and are known to work wonders when dealing with moles or skin tags of any kind. Alternative medicine isn’t all make belief as some natural extracts are used as ingredients in the making of many cosmetic products around the world.