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Removing Moles with Castor Oil

It has been known for a long time that castor oil acts as a natural mole removal among the numerous other therapeutic properties it possesses. Removing moles through surgical procedures can get quite expensive so if you are contemplating an alternative to medical procedures maybe castor oil is the right way to go. Surgery leaves scars while natural alternatives such as castor oil provide natural solutions for the regeneration of damaged skin tissue without leaving any marks on the skin whatsoever. Of course there are more viable solutions for the removal of skin tags than castor oil, but in this economy you might be better of using natural solutions that were already proven to work time and time again in the past by people who have been stigmatized by horrible moles and skin tags alike.

Before starting a castor oil mole removal treatment it is best to do an allergy test on a skin area different from the one containing the mole as some people are known to have natural allergies to castor oil. You do that by rubbing a small quantity of castor oil on an area of the skin and observe the skin’s reaction to the oil over a period of 24 hours. Once you clear this out of the way, you can start the castor oil treatment which is known to remove moles within a relatively short period of time. The first thing to do is to apply the oil directly on the mole using a cotton bud or a q-tip while avoiding the area around the skin as much as possible. You will repeat this procedure 3 times a day for as long as it takes until obvious progress can be observed. The castor oil treatment is known to take different times to work on different people so if the procedure does not immediately show signs of progress you should not despair. During the treatment, your mole may shrink, grow or show signs of irritation but none of this should be painful. It is advised however to use band aids to cover the moles, and if you experience any sort of physical discomfort or pain during the treatment, you are advised to consult a medic.

There is a wide variety of products you can use to safely remove moles starting from baking soda to more pharmaceutical formulas and most of them seem to work. If however, you want to be absolutely positive your skin tags will disappear, you might want to look into products such as DermaTend which is a more professional alternative to rubbing baking soda on your skin while offering a higher degree of safety to the user. With DermaTend you are guaranteed to get rid of any moles or skin tags that have a negative cosmetic effect within less than 7 days. You are of course free to try any form of traditional or alternative solutions for your mole problem, but it is products like DermaTend which can render you mole-less within a short period of time.