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Removing Moles with Baking Soda

You probably had no idea that baking soda acts as a natural mole removal and nobody can blame you. Using baking soda as an alternative to medical procedures has always been preferred by individuals stigmatized with moles or skin tags but who fo

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hatever reason could not afford the expensive medical procedures or they could not go through the painful surgical process. All you need is regular baking soda which may sometimes labeled as sodium bicarbonate, a mole you want to get rid of, and a lot of time on your hands. Seeing how baking soda is a regular cooking ingredient, it has no negative effect on your skin whatsoever, just as long as you make sure it is in fact baking soda and not baking powder which is a totally different thing altogether. You must also remember to remember baking soda in order to remove moles and not caustic soda or baking powder as they have a different chemical composition which may inflict harm on your skin.

If you are planning on using baking soda as a mole removal you will first need some castor oil to mix with the baking soda thus transforming it into a paste you will later apply on your mole between regular time intervals. Castor oil is also medically safe and causes no affliction or side effects and you will be using an equal amount of castor oil to mix with the soda in order to create the paste. It is advised that you only make a limited amount of paste on a daily basis as the paste will definitely lose its curative properties over time thus rendering your mole removal treatment ineffective. Second of all, you will need an emery board for abrading the mole and also a sterile needle. It is imperative for the needle to be sterilized prior to using it in order to avoid infections. The proper preparation of the tools is imperative as the effectiveness of the treatment depends on how thoroughly you prepare it. Now that you have all the tools at your disposal you may proceed to clean the mole and the skin area surrounding the mole in order to start the actual mole removal treatment. Using the sterilized needle, you make a small opening in the mole prior to applying the paste. Now, you may begin abrading the surface of the mole using the emery board but be careful not to be over aggressive as you do not want to cause bleeding. After applying the paste, you will experience a small stinging sensation which means the natural mole removal is doing its job getting you rid of your skin tags in no time. It is advised to keep the mole covered with a band aid throughout the treatment to keep the mole away from sunlight while keeping the paste pressured against the mole.

Using baking soda as an alternative to expensive and painful medical procedures is alright, but this may cause harm to your body if not performed properly thus defeating its purpose. If you are not willing to risk it but medical procedures still seem like a bad idea there is still another option. This other option is called DermaTend and it is a specially formulated mole removal designed to provide a more professional approach to removing moles and skin tags without having to go through surgery. DermaTend guarantees to rid you of your moles within 7 days while keeping your body safe from alternative medicine that might cause more harm than good if not handled properly. It is your responsibility to remove the stigma of moles from your body, and if baking soda doesn’t make you feel comfortable, then DermaTend definitely will.