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Although people browse the internet with the general idea that the world wide web is untrustworthy, you should not be skeptical of everything you encounter as some of the reviewed products or services hold a certain degree of quality and might actually serve your purposes or satisfy your needs.

This being said, just because there is a certain fee paid to the reviewer, does not mean the review itself is biased or untrustworthy in any way as most reviewers value their integrity and it shows in the outcome of their work. We have the utmost respect for our readers as we take great pride in the quality of our reviews.

Here are some of the guidelines we base our work on, to ensure that our reviews hold the highest level of both credibility and clarity:

– The information we provide is easily verifiable.

We base our reviews on factual information that can be easily verified and we try our best to provide only the most honest and accurate impressions.

– The information we provide may hold a certain degree of subjective assessments.

This comes as a result of the reviewer’s personal experience with the product or service and it is subjected to a reviewer’s personal impressions.

– We try our best to write these reviews in relation to the general impression these products or services leave after reading a number of various other reviews from different websites.

We do this after a careful analysis of various testimonials and assessments made by users of said products or services so that the tone of our review is not drastically influenced by the subjective narrative of our reviewer’s personal experience.

– It is our responsibility to always provide links to a manufacturer’s and/or supplier’s website in order to provide additional information about the service and/or product, information that might not be included within our reviews for various reasons.

This additional information may include customer testimonials, sales information, samples, or more accurate information about the product/service in question.

It is vital for our readers to understand the extent to which our responsibility goes as the relationship between the us and the reader may differ from the relationship you develop with the supplier of said product or service.

It is our responsibility to provide a disclosure policy as according to our professional experience, websites that do not incorporate a disclosure are generally unreliable.

We hope our reviews help you develop a valid impression on whether you need one of the reviewed products as we cannot fully get behind a reviewed product seeing how your personal experience with the supplier or the product itself may vary.

We are always opened to constructive criticism and feedback about the quality of our reviews so that we may improve our readers experience in the long run.