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Cryosurgery Mole Removal

Cryosurgery Mole Removal

One of the many mole removal treatments, cryosurgery can be done in three different ways. The first one involving liquid nitrogen is used for the treatment of smaller benign moles where the nitrogen is applied directly on the mole. This might be done repeatedly depending on the type of mole or the type of skin condition the patient has.

The second way cryosurgery works is by inserting a needle under the skin to help deliver the freezing liquid to the lower skin levels underneath the mole. This mole removal procedure uses a needle which has a thermometer connected to it for the surgeon to determine when the affected area has reached the low enough temperature to cause cell destruction. This procedure is usually done in cases where the skin problems are beyond the epidermis. The third way involves a frozen probe that is passed directly through the skin and into the affected skin area. This third cryosurgery technique is used for deep skin medical conditions such as tumors.

How is Cryosurgery Performed

Cryosurgery is the medical procedure used to remove skin tags or moles regardless of their type, color or nature. It is a procedure that can be used to remove moles that are of cancerous nature, bleeding moles, per-cancerous moles, and those that cause physical pain of any sort. It can also be used to remove moles that penetrate multiple layers of skin although the success rate is quite low. The process of applying nitrogen to the skin leads to cellular dehydration of the skin cells which cuts off the blood supply for the affected area – thus provoking cellular death.

This process is mildly painful even though the operated skin area might cause blisters or swelling. This however may be ignored with the use of regular painkillers. After the procedure, the wound will be surgically dressed and it is important to wash it twice a day until the healing process is complete. This may take up to ten or fifteen days and it may leave some scaring especially if the mole was localized underneath the epidermis.

Is Cryosurgery Safe?

After cryosurgery, some changes in skin color are to be expected after mole removal even though this happens in isolated cases only. It is a very safe procedure as well as effective, even though mole removal through cryosurgery may lead to the treated area developing spots which look lighter in color than the area surrounding them.

Cryosurgery is known to be a much cheaper mole removal solution to its alternatives and the benefits clearly outweigh the side-effects. It is a relatively quick procedure which doesn’t take more than three hours of your time and except isolated cases where nerve damage might be inflicted, cryosurgery is a safe and powerful mole removal procedure that will save you both time and money.