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Cost of Mole Removal Surgery

Cost of Mole Removal Surgery

You have to understand that every dermatologist uses a different approach when it comes to mole removal and this is the reason why the price for these sort of procedures varies. The first thing that a physician will consider before setting a price for the procedure will be the size of the mole as well as its nature.

Some moles are easily removed while other require more complex methods especially if they accompany more serious health issues. For example, a small mole that does not penetrate underneath multiple layers of skin will be much easier to remove than a larger one which will require more attention and a closure with sutures. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, a mole removal surgery can vary in cost starting from $200 and going as far as $1000 if the mole is big in size and/or if it comes accompanied by other more serious medical issues.

The price of the mole removal procedure will always involve a pathology test which will definitely increase the cost of the overall procedure.

What do you need to know about mole removal surgery

First of all, seeing how most moles are removed by people for cosmetic reasons, the mole removal procedure will not be covered by your general health insurance. There are of course exceptions where the mole may be cancerous or causing other afflictions, in which case the removal procedure will be covered by your insurance. The procedure itself does not take more than an hour and the recovery time you are advised to spend in the hospital afterwards is almost null. The entire preparation process is done relatively fast although you might be required to spend more time in surgery depending on what type of mole you are having removed. For instance, a small external mole in a not so obvious place will not require more than 40 minutes of surgery and the cost of this procedure will be extremely low.

On the other hand, a bigger mole positioned on your face will require a much more careful approach as well as different tools and attention from the doctor, and this might increase the overall cost of the procedure quite a lot. You also have to understand that your skin is more sensitive on your face for example which means that a more complex procedure will not only cost more but also require you spend more time in surgery. The last aspect you have to consider is the fact that all moles have to go through some form of biopsy and pathology procedure to determine whether not the mole itself is cancerous.

This procedure requires your mole to be sent for further analysis before the mole removal process and testing isn’t cheap. It is advised however that you check with your insurance provider before the procedure to determine whether the cost of the operation will be covered by your health insurance or not.