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Cauterization Mole Removal

Cauterization Mole Removal

If you are troubled by moles or skin tags you will undoubtedly be looking into the possibility of removing them but choosing the right way to do so might not be easy. There are different ways to remove moles starting from complicated and painful medical procedures to alternative medical remedies, each of them having a different success rate. Cauterization is a common medical procedure used for a variety of medical afflictions starting from nose bleeds, external wounds and even moles or skin tags. It is advised that before contemplating cauterization as a favorite over other natural mole removal treatment, you evaluate your possibilities carefully.

Consult your doctor and see if your mole can be safely removed through cauterization, there is a risk of your mole being cancerous.

How is Cauterization Performed

Cauterization is the process of burning unwanted flesh off from your body. It sounds extremely painful, but in reality there are a lot of other medical procedures done without anesthesia which should scare you with cauterization not being one of them. This process involves burning of skin tissue in an attempt to minimize the impact of the medical affliction on your body. Cauterization is a very effective mole removal as it guarantees a 99% success rate without going through any sort of long term treatment. You visit your doctor of choice, they assess the situation, after which they will proceed with the mole removal process as quickly and painfully as possible.

The first thing the surgeon will do is to clean the skin area containing the mole and sterilizing it using Betadine or other sterilization products. After using an anesthetic to slow down the blood flow to the mole area, the surgeon will proceed with shaving of the mole as part of the mole removal procedure using a scalpel. After the mole is successfully removed, the surgeon will initiate the cauterization process thus preventing the mole from growing back. As soon as the area is covered with a bandage, you’ll be on your way home.

Is Cauterization Safe?

Not only is it a viable solution but it is one of the safest mole removal procedures available as it guarantees a total mole removal by destroying the unwanted tissue in a quick fashion while minimizing the risk of infection as much as possible. Alternative medicine may not work or it may cause serious side effects you might not be willing to risk otherwise so yes, cauterization is definitely a viable solution and a safe one as well. As soon as the mole removal procedure is done you will most likely be required to go through cauterization for the remaining wound. This is an extremely safe and sterile procedure which will close down the wound while minimizing the risk of infections. It is imperative to check with your doctor before going through any form of mole removal procedure as removing moles may cause nerve damage as well as leaving you with a nasty scar.